Noa & Zackary's spiritual wedding

Usually when I meet my couples before their wedding we sit together the bride, groom and I and get to know each other. In this case, Noa came to me only with her mother so I didnt know Zackary until the day of the event, I only knew the brides side is warm and very easy to like. When zackary arrived it all came together, all the pieces of their puzzle because when I first saw his smile and the amile he puts on Noa's face every time they look at each other I just couldnwt stay indifferent to that, they are amazing together!

They cant stop laughing, they have their own humor together and they are truely in love, from the love stories that really make go "Awww", and really meen it :)

They had a beautiful spiritual wedding in Eco events and designed it perfectly by Blander design. Hair was made by Noa dolgin and make up by Shosh.

Enjoy !