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Nadin & David winter wedding at Ronit Farm

This beautiful couple Nadin & David came all the way from Italy's fashion city Milan to get married in the beautiful venue Ronit farm near Rishpon with the perfect catering of Mitbah Mekomi.

The two sides of the family are both orthodox jews and therefore the wedding was seperated for woman and men, the couple did not see each other for more than a week before the wedding and met only on the aile on the way to the huppa. This kind of meeting is always very emotional and you can definitely see the excitement on their faces when they see each other.

After the Huppa Italians always go for a ceremony of songs and blessings and afterwards we went for the couple photoshoot outside in the beautiful gardens of Ronit farm. Then back to celebrate with the perfect band and delicious food.

Hope you enjoy the photos and contact us for more details on how beautiful your wedding could be.


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