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Its back to wedding time after the pandemic - Noam & Oz

It has been a pretty complex time lately for all of us and for those wanting to get married especially. The corona virus didn't pass and surely didnt make it easy for them to schedule a date and know for sure that it is going to happen on that date.

For Noam & Oz that was almost the case but they were lucky enough to be one of the very little amount of couples that booked their date last yeat 20/10/20 and did not even move it once! Which as you all know is a very (!!!) rare thing these days, giving I have couples that moves their date atleast 3 times already. You can call it luck but it's mostly realizing that this is the situation we are in and we need to adjust accordingly.

I have to admit, although this was not the biggest wedding in a matter of guests it was one of the beautiful most happy weddings I photographed lately and I will let the photos take it from here...


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Bracha Shech-Koren
Bracha Shech-Koren
May 02, 2021

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