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Heily & Shmuli's Hasidic wedding

When we were asked to photograph Heily and Shmuli's hasidic wedding we were thrilled, its not something very common that we get to photograph hasidic weddings (since then it became a beautiful routine) and we just knew that this is going to be an exciting and very spiritual wedding.

The wedding was perfectly organized and produced by Michal Kaye which was also a real treat because she is such fun to work with, tidy, calming and funny. All you need in a wedding producer.

Heily began her bride preperations at the Ritz carlton hotel in herzelia, at the beautiful hotel we also took the portraits of the bride, sister and friend.

Shmuli the groom got ready at the venue Cochav hayam and Shai and Yariv met him there for the groom preperation.

It was a rainy day and who of you that knows Hasidic weddings knows that the hupa has to be outside under the open sky, therefore it was a real problem that it was raining. Most of the guests of course were religious and they all prayed together for the rain to stop at the time of the hupa and the unbelievable thing did happen, it stopped raining for like an hour or so at exactly the time for the hupa, it was truely amazing !


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