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Dikla & Yoav wedding at sunset

Weddings can sometimes be so exciting when you only challenge the norms a bit, for a long time weddings in Israel always began at reception at 19:30 in the evening when its already almost totally dark. Now, for the couple photography before the wedding itself it is really convenient because then you get the golden hours taking wedding photos outside and only when the sunsets the event starts.

But Dikla and Yoav decided to take everything one hour erlier and begin their wedding at 18:30 and make the ceremony at sunset. That way you might not get the couple photos at the golden hour but you get sunset wedding ceremony which is kind of a big deal !

Dikla got ready and did her make up at the Island hotel in Netanya (make up by Nofar gerichter) and the wedding ceremony and party venue was 5.91 on the Netanya shore.


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