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Adi & Chen's wedding on the beach

Adi and Chen chose one of the most special dates in the Israeli calender - Independence day. And they planned a truely independent wedding. Thought of everything from the start to the finish of the day.

We began the day at Ramat aviv (a northern tel aviv neighborhood) and took alot of photos at the house where there were so many friends it was so very happy !

Make up was done by one of our favorites Shiran sheffler, who had done a really good jub on this beautiful bride.

Afterwards we went stright to Caesarea's ruins which is an historical place and is very good for taking different couple photographs.

The wedding itself was also at the same area at a venue called Caesar Yam which means a ceasar on the beach.

The hupa as you will see was right on the beach with an open and fantastic view and the recepcion was at an upper deck at an old roman building.


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